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Birce Yıldız,  was born in 1979 in Istanbul. In 2003, she did Master's Degree on Painting at Mimar Sinan University , Faculty of Fine Arts. She graduated with her thesis study called " The Spiritual Basis of Abstract Art" in 2006. She is an artist who has her own studio, still continues painting and has work of art in various collections  both in Turkey and abroad.


Art for me is an adventure, which is transformed into incarnation from the energy of motion in an eternal space... A Mystical Pursuit...


I imagine that the pieces of energy are quickly moving and waving in the air.

Energy turns with a certain movement and converts itself to forms, objects, substances, materials like water,air etc ; therefore I immagine to capture these movements and give a shape to them as if I capture one real image of the movement and make it stabilized.


Art Approach

About Me / Art Approach

Birce Yıldız fotoğraf, self photo

The universe is constantly in formation. It creates a reality that includes space, objects, time and spirit appear together. It is us that just live the instant moments of the universe. All the things we see around us reflects our present reality. It continuously scatter and get a shape again in a circle.

Essence of Substance, Movement, Variability, Mobility, Formation, Universe, The Formation of The Order, Repeated Forms In Nature, Loop are the concepts that creates the general problematic of my  paintings.

                                                                                                                                         - Birce Yıldız

Birce Yıldız exhibition, sergi
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